In late 2011, six musicians took it upon themselves to defy prevailing trends and initiate a new musical collective. A collective that would distinguish itself through flexibility, not only with respect to its artistic content, but also from a practical point of view: the size of the collective can vary from soloists to a symphonic orchestra. A collective that would not only deliver quality performances driven by an intrinsic need to perform the finest music with the greatest musicians in the best way possible, but also add an enterprising mind and a broad social outlook. The group was born, and goes by the name of LUDWIG, after Beethoven, cultural entrepreneur avant la lettre.


The collective’s programming is as thoroughly thought out as it is adventurous. Artistic director Peppie Wiersma effortlessly brings together composers from different time periods, styles, and backgrounds. Time and again LUDWIG successfully surprises and enchants both audience and press. The musicians are granted a great deal of individual responsibility and are encouraged to encounter every programme as if the written music was still wet with ink.


The audience is often involved in LUDWIG’s concerts. This is done by addressing guests in the audience beforehand and giving them the opportunity to prepare themselves, turning listening into an active process. In addition, LUDWIG takes pleasure in making use of theatrical devices, alternative setups, surprising performance locations and an appealing overall presentation. LUDWIG targets the general public, personally knows the vehement devotees, knows how to reach the interested younger generations, and does not forget about those who, for whatever reason, have limited access to music.


LUDWIG endeavors to rid classical music of the barriers that have come to surround it in the past decades. The collective operates on the belief that classical music can and should speak to every audience. LUDWIG is therefore a mobile collective, that frequently plays at alternative locations, which are more accessible than the average concert hall. The collective also supports initiatives such as visiting residents of social institutions in their environment.


More and more, studies show that music can have a positive effect on the wellbeing of, among others, the elderly, children, psychiatric patients and those suffering from chronic pain. With the program LUDWIG and the Brain, LUDWIG connects its work with current scientific research, creating unique applications for the wellbeing and development of specific target groups. By combining the arts, medicine, science and technology, LUDWIG proposes a broader interpretation of the value of music and presents this to the general public. As of 2015, LUDWIG is part of the Dutch governmental program The Art of Impact.


Stichting LUDWIG
Zanddwarsstraat 3
1011 HM Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 737 1800
IBAN: NL49 TRIO 0197 6627 49

Peppie Wiersma | artistic manager
Leon de Lange | general manager


Wilmar de Visser | chairman
Rogier Joosten | treasurer
Laurens Otto | secretary