Press coverage of Ludwig

“The ensemble is new, but the musicians are great and very experienced. (…) This pleasant pick-nick ended with an encore, during which an audience member was persuaded to a race against the LUDWIG ensemble, trying to complete the 400 meter track in the Stadium before the ensemble managed to finish its lightning quick rendition of Flight of the Bumblebee by Rimsky-Korsakov. LUDWIG lost to the runner, but was victorious on all other fronts this afternoon.”

Dutch newspaper Het Parool, August 19th 2013

“They played with passion and stylistic consistency, as if the conductor Frans Brüggen, was invisibly present. The finale of Beethoven’s symphony was executed at a quick pace, but soared by smoothly. So this is what you can achieve when forty people want to move in the same direction.
During the encore all musicians played together, and afterwards the party continued in the foyer. LUDWIG, with its flexible way of working and youthful ways, is each concert- and festival-programmer’s fantasy. The ensemble deserves a long life.”

Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, October 7th 2013

“What do you do when you are overflowing with ambition, ideas and talent but are nevertheless (…) dismissed? You put your heads together and form LUDWIG.
The LUDWIG ensemble is fresh, colorful and has character.”

Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant, October 9th 2013

“The fairly new ensemble, LUDWIG, founded in 2012 during budget cuts in the cultural sector, found a fitting match in Hannigan. The concert announcement ‘LUDWIG loves Barbara’ became reality, and Barbara, without a doubt, loves LUDWIG too. “

Dutch newspaper Trouw, April 7th 2014

“With the final note still in the air, [Hannigan] turned around to the amazing orchestra LUDWIG, conducted the pick-up note, and what followed was the most beautiful transition to the minor key of the Adagio from Haydn’s symphony no. 49 La Passione you can imagine. This can go on the list of Unforgettable Moments in The Royal Concertgebouw.”

Dutch newspaper Het Parool, April 7th 2014

“(…) LUDWIG, lead by Manoj Kamps, consists of first-class musicians”

Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant, March 24th 2015

“(…) the orchestra and their conductor Barbara Hannigan showed their guts in their performance, both individually and as a team. LUDWIG, the Dutch collective of top musicians, was set up for that reason. Inspired by the wild imagination of LUDWIG van Beethoven, they throw rusty old laws and regulations in the bin.
This concert was a musical mass, free from any god or commandment.”

Belgian magazine Knack Focus, September 24th 2015