LUDWIG is a Grammy Award-winning collective of artists and cultural entrepreneurs. We perform concerts and create multidisciplinary  projects with partners all over the world. Music is our core business but we love to expand our creative powers to connect with the planet we live on.

In 2012, six Dutch orchestral musicians defied prevailing trends and created a new collective. They wanted an ensemble which would distinguish itself not only artistically, but would also reflect on the world we live in through innovative and creative projects. The dream became reality: in no time at all the collective, with its fearless elan and contemporary vision for innovative entrepreneurship, shot to prominence in the Netherlands and abroad. In the past years the small group of musicians has developed into a wide-ranged collective of musicians, scientists, artists, care professionals and innovators.

LUDWIG has structured its activities into three categories:

LUDWIG Orchestra
LUDWIG & the Brain
LUDWIG & the World