The Project

In Brainwave #2 Music as Medicine LUDWIG presented the current status of the research into the positive influence of music on people with specific brain disorders. Professor Erik Scherder highlighted the latest developments in research on dementia, Music and Memory engaged the audience with special Ipod playlists for elderly dementia patients, Papageno Foundation presented their revolutionary work with children with autism, musicians of LUDWIG led a workshop for healthcarers, Marlijn Janson explored the boundaries of supercreativity and last but not least visitors could relax in a specific space with favourite hospice music that terminal patients often request.

Erik Scherder & Artur Jaschke presentation
Marlijn Janson junior researcher
René van Munster & Jesse Faber 
Papageno Foundation 
Music and Memory
Geerte de Koe violin
Jeannette Landré flute


Magical nocturnal music with ensemble LUDWIG

January 11, 2019, TivoliVredenburg Utrecht – Face of the moon
NRC Handelsblad – Joep Christenhusz


January 21, 2018
Zorginstelling Novawhere Purmerend

Brainwave #2 Music as Medicine

April 14, 2017
Stadsgehoorzaal Leiden

Brainwave #2 Music as Medicine